Great Strategies Require Careful Listening.
We empower you to understand the modern audience.

Together at the Top

Our Mission

We believe in a better internet, better ways to understand each other, and a better world. 

Communication has gotten complicated, so we are building tools to help your brand authentically take part in modern conversations. The wisest brands, figures and leaders listen first to understand the perspectives of the people they care about before speaking.

Our mission is to create tools that: 

EMPOWER you to listen authentically to ideas, beliefs and stories 

INSPIRE you to find your voice

INTERPRET visual narratives that shape and predict our culture

Chelsie Hall, CEO

Chelsie  helped develop the DoD's disinformation technology assessment methodology.  

Social Analytics and Narratives Expert, Author

Disinformation Technology Advisor

CMU, Master of Integrated Innovation


Sheyda Demooei, CTO

Sheyda has built image recognition that NASA uses to pilot autonomous drones through cities. 

Berkeley, Applied Mathematics

CMU, Master of Innovation Management

CMU, Master of Computer Engineering

Focus on ML, Image Analytics


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